[SEL] Anyone out there

bill at antique-engines.com bill at antique-engines.com
Thu Oct 6 09:13:02 PDT 2011

Been too busy lately to even read much of anything.......... my engines
have collected dust while I got more to do than I can deal with. Got a
bench full of alternators to restore for folks, running a forum, dealing
with getting a new roof on the house, heat in my shop (NICE, 30' infrared
LP heater down the center), car repairs and restorations, ADHD diagnosis,
sleep study to see why I fall asleep so much, and never get a rested sleep
even though I do sleep all night, then a heart study to find out why I
have a tight chest and weird fluttering now and then, then while hauling
my car to a show over in Cordova, I arrive with a fried axle on the
trailer, and have to get someone to drive the car back home after the
weekend while I limp back my trailer on 3 legs, one end of the axle
chained up, getting a new axle and installing that........ it just keeps
going on.

Well, can't recall if I've posted these or not here in this place (that's
the ADHD thing) but see how many have ever used or seen one if I haven't -
ignore if I have:



> Have been too busy lately to post anything.

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