[SEL] OT Buick Problems

jlb94 at juno.com jlb94 at juno.com
Wed Jun 13 10:33:59 PDT 2012

Hi List,
I want to thank everyone for helping with solving the "Buick Not Running" problem that I had.
Turned out we needed a new computer and a "crank position sensor" and how many other parts that didn't solve the problem that were put on and taken back off..    After I crawled all over it and tried everything suggested, I gave up and sent it to a mechanic friend of mine that never seemed to "get around to it".  Then Son, Joey went to help and together, they solved the problem.
Problem now is that the drivers seat has lost power and won't move.  The power back rest would go down but not up.  So I decided to take the seat out and move it manually by winding the cables by hand.  After doing that, I put the seat back in and - No Power.  Also the mirrors don't move either.  All the fuses are good and there is power to the switches on the door arm rest.  
I believe it might be the "little black box computer thingy" under the seat.  Right about now, I'd just like to run that Buick over a cliff.
Thanks guys - Without your help, I'd be lost.
Hope to see some of you at Coolspring this weekend.

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