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Sat Jun 2 21:13:08 PDT 2012

I'm sure many of us have them but here is my "George" story.
Many years ago George was returning home with a full trailer from a "Cub" hunting trip. He was close so he stopped by. I knew he built homes as a contractor so at one point we started talking about that. I explained how, when I built, I put extra drainage, gravel, pipe and such in and had a dry basement in an areas where most are not. He concoured that I had went down the correct path. Then looked at me and said "That's all well and good but later in life you will wish you had built more roof instead of basement." I went downstairs a bit ago to bring the laundry up. Got upstairs - looked at my wife- and said 
" George was right!"

Steve Sewell
Albany, Ohio USA
sewell at ohio.edu
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