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Wow, quite a hammer collection 
The owner, now in a nursing home, had them in his living area.  They  were 
moved to a dug out basement while folks were trying to clean out the  house. 
 The owner was a hoarder/obsessed of sorts with stuff.  The  hammers had 
mildew all over them and slight rust from being in the dug out  area.  I took 
a high pressure hose to everything, then slight spray  with WD40. The were 
drying on the back of the truck when the picture was  taken.  I also acquired 
a lot of Stanley plane parts among other  stuff.  We still have not gotten 
to all of it and have no idea what else  might be there.  When the stuff was 
moved from upstairs, it was just  packed and piled in the dug out area.  
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